Are there any free or cheap software that will import movies from iTunes to my Galaxy Note 3?

Xiangchunli1988 April 15, 2014
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Hello there, I have a Galaxy Note 3 and need to import some movies purchased from iTunes store for watching. The problem is that the iTunes movies are protected by Apple.

I have to firstly get rid of the lock from those movies before I can transfer them. I tried Handbrake, Camtasia to record the movies but both can’t record the screen only the audio. I also tried the free download version of iTunes and a DRM media converter and that worked for me. But it only works for 1 minute and I need to pay $50 to get the rest converted.

I would prefer something cheaper or free if possible. Any recommendations? Mac OS X 10.9 and iTunes 11.

  1. Hovsep A
    April 15, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    i heard about an application Requiem 4.1 (you can google search) which is free, never tried my self. I guess it will be better if you purchase DRM remover software cause you can get support