Which fonts in Windows 7 are safe to remove?

Ymarkone May 25, 2014

Okay, pretty simple.

I want to know what fonts are required by Windows 7. I know which ones are installed with Windows 7, what I want to know is which of those I have to keep for the OS to work correctly.

Or, conversely, which Windows 7 installed fonts can I delete and still have the OS work correctly?

  1. Dalsan M
    May 26, 2014 at 1:10 am

    You can try hiding the fonts you don't use instead. This way, they don't show in the list but will still be available to system apps. http://lifehacker.com/5516306/how-to-hide-fonts-in-windows-7-that-you-dont-use

  2. Jan F
    May 26, 2014 at 12:34 am

    If you want to go back to a "out of box state" the following link lists all fonts supplied by Windows. Some fonts may not be present in your current localization.

    The following link (about.com) has a list of fonts which are said to be required. However, I would not fully trust it as for examplle the Segeu UI family is not listed while widely used by Microsoft applications.

    On top of that the following link says not to delete any font with a ".fon" extension.

    While I don't see the need to remove fonts (unless you installed like 1000 of them) my suggest to just do it carefully, backup, remove one-by-one approach, and regularly restart Windows to see if certain UI objects were changed to the point you can't use them.

    Best practice in manual font management does not start with removing unnecessary ones but by only installing those necessary. At best use a font management tool which simply allows you to "activate" and "deactivate" third-party fonts on demand.
    http://www.xiles.net/nexusfont/#features (random example)