What is the name of the folder to which Windows 7 Enterprise does backups?

wolf January 9, 2011
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I do regular backups in Windows 7 to an external hard drive. It tells me it has done the backup, but I can’t find the folder on the external hard drive. What would be the name it assigns itself?

  1. Anonymous
    January 10, 2011 at 8:25 am

    What happens when the backup finished?
    Do you see any difference in space size before and after the backup?

    There should be a folder named WindowsImageBackup and within that a folder with your computer's name and below that again, a folder named for the date of the backup. These could be hidden if you have the hide operating system files and folders option selected in explorer.

    In your backup folder, below, possible you can see for instance only two .VHD files are present, and a bunch of XML Documents.
    X:WindowsImageBackupXXXXBackup 2010-11-04 170050!!!!!
    all those files (XML and VHD) are needed to complete the backup picture, However, strictly speaking it seems to me based on the size of the files that the image itself is housed inside the VHD files.

    A Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) is a virtual hard disk file format, meaning that it can contain what is found on a physical Hard Disk Drive, such as files, folders, file system and disk partitions.

    If you created the backup of the files on the external hard drive, the VHD file could be that of the backup you performed.

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