How can I fix a Mac that is no longer booting?

Frederick January 8, 2012
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I’m new to Mac and just obtained a G4 from the maintenance manager at my job. I was working until I did the Quicktime update. Now I can’t boot to OS and safe mode. When I hit the option key I only see the bootable HDD of Mac OS X.

Can somebody help me step by step what to do? I have a PC running Windows 7 and can I make a bootable USB flash drive with Mac OSX. How do I make it trough Windows? Thanks in advance for your help.

  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Power Mac G4: Screen is Black, Startup Tone Present, Drive Operates               

  2. Mulder
    January 8, 2012 at 9:51 am

    If you got a G4 and updated QuickTime, how did you do it? Did you just download a QuickTime update and install it, or did you use Software Update?

    As for booting into Safe mode, it's not done by holding down the Option key, so if you're expecting that to work, you'll be disappointed. You can only boot into Safe mode by holding down the Shift key at startup until you see the Apple logo.

    You don't need a bootable flash drive; you need to first discover whether you can boot into Safe mode, or if you can boot from the OS X install disc. If you can startup from the OS X install disc, you can run Disc Utility to Repair Permissions and Repair Disk, then try starting up from the hard disk.

  3. Mike
    January 8, 2012 at 9:39 am

    In general Macs with PPC processor (G3, G4, G5) can't boot from USB media. You either need a bootable Firewire drive or a CD/DVD.

    * There is a workaround but I can't say for sure it will work on your Mac

    I guess your best option is ask your maintenance manager if he has the original Mac OS X Installation CD for your Mac or maybe he can borrow you a retail Installation CD to perform an Upgrade Installation if it's a newer version than the OS X on your Mac or an "Archive and Install" installation if it's the same version.

    If you have an vanilla (unaltered, none hackintosh) ISO image of an Mac OS X Installation CD you can simply burn it under Windows and use it to boot your Mac.

    Lastly, keep in mind that Mac OS X Leopard (10.5 - 10.5.8) is the latest version running on a G4. Anything newer won't work.