How can I fix the left and right key of my laptop touchpad?

Rawal July 22, 2011

My Dell Laptop left & right keys has stopped working, but the touchpad is working properly. Please suggest the troubleshoot techniques.

  1. Anonymous
    July 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    shute down laptop, remove battery for a moment,  presse and hold the start button for 20  seconds... and replace the battery.. start the laptop.. 

    check if the power cord is not the problem, unplugg and see if your keys working?

    July 22, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Hello, I think you need to be more specific about what the damage is for your keys.  Are they sunk into the base of the keyboard?  Are they stuck?  Do they type more than one letter when you press it?  Was something spilled on it?  etc. 

    If the keys are stuck and something was spilled on them, you can try taking the keys of the keyboard.  Grab the top edge of the keys and pull.  Do not use to much force, just keep pulling until you hear a click and the keys are only attached to the keyboard by a hinge.  A little bit more pulling and you can take the keys off completely....make sure not to damage the hinges and most importantly try for the hinges to stay on their position on the keyboard.  Once this is accomplished, you should see the hinges on their positions and also you should see a plastic nipple.  Trying typing by hitting the nipples.  If they work ok, just make sure that you clean the nipples and around them with 90% alcohol.  If for some reason, the nipples are stuck on the down position, try pulling on them until they reach the position they should be at.  Once they are in position, make sure to clean them with alcohol.  Let the alcohol dry and then put the keys back and see if they work. 

    Sometimes, it could also be that the hinge, that works like a spring is loose and/or is not attached properly.  Even worse would be if you check and the hinge is broken.  You can get them online but sometimes it can be tricky to get them.  If bad comes to worse use the right arrow/left arrow keys on the numeric pad.  Just turn number luck on, and then press the Left arrow (number 4)  and the right arrow (number 6).

    Best solution if the cleaning does not work is to order a new keyboard.