How can I fix my hacked cellphone?

Harprit Singh November 14, 2011

My Nokia C2-03 seems to have been hacked by Bluetooth. Now the hacker accesses my phone through his, the balance which was to be cut off by his cell company has now been deducted from mine. What can I do?

  1. Jay
    November 15, 2011 at 5:37 am

    why are you sure about the balance deduction, do you know the number who is stealing your balance ?
     if a phone is hacked by blue tooth, it means the kacjer made some changes  or installed a software in your phone when he got the access to your cell by bluetooth.
    in this case, you shoulkd
    -switch off your bluetooth,
    -disable gprs.
    -format your phone memory.
    -inform your service provider.

    that's why i recommended security for symbian.

    a hacked phone enables the hacker to call and text from your number.
    hacker can do much more than balance transfer, as he becomes you, the owner.

    but balance theft can be possible using other ways also.
    which sim card are you using ?
    recently i read about balance transfer , when they asked you to dial a number to listen to a received voice sms and then you will get to hear, that your balance is transferred.
    did it happen to you ?