Why does Firefox always display the wrong time?

mango wodzak August 23, 2012
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Recently my computer crashed, resulting in a reinstall of all software. Everything worked fine, excepting that a fresh install of Firefox is now showing me the wrong time. For example, my Gmail account shows me that the time now is 24:00 whereas the time on the computer is correctly set to 17:00. Equally, forum entries that normally show me the time posts were added with my time zone, are now several hours off. I just installed the simpleclocks Firefox extension, and it tells me the time now in the UK is 01:00, when in actual fact it is 08:00. This  never used to happen, is there something I can tweak to set it right again?

  1. mango wodzak
    August 23, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    OK.. I discovered that the timezone on my computer was set to GMT -8, so although the time appeared to be showing correctly from the laptop, somehow firefox must have been fetching internet time relative to this. After going into control panel, date/time, changing the time zone, and restarting firefox, all the firefox date/times began showing correctly. strange that this was only the case with firefox, and IE, opera and chrome all showed the correct time before i tweaked the time zone. firefox must be somehow deciding the displayed time itself.