Is there a Firefox addon to crop/resize and upload pictures to popular image hosting sites?

mango September 6, 2011
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A few years ago, the FLOCK browser hit the streets. Based on Mozilla Firefox, it offered many unique features that were loved by many until the Flock team, switched to a Chromium base, and ditched many of those features, and finally ditched the whole project.

Now, among those many initial features, one of my favourites was the offered ability to upload images at the click of a button to several image hosting sites. Not only was uploading simple, but you could also crop an image on the fly, before resizing it and uploading it (all done from within a very minimalistic nifty feature of the browser – the cropping would always be done before the resizing, and the resizing before uploading).

My question is, is there any Firefox addon that comes even remotely close to offering this ability?

I know that there are several other ways I can accomplish this, but they all involve either opening the image in an image editor first, or uploading my 6+MB image files to a website offering such function, both solutions are none too elegant for my liking.

Meanwhile FLOCK still works, but based on version 3 of Firefox feels otherwise rather clumsy. I know that they have released the source code for it, and wonder if anyone may be tweaking it right now to republish an updated version of it, or to create a Firefox extension.

Anyone any ideas? I’ll likely keep using Flock for this purpose until a better solution is found, and recommend anyone who isn’t familiar with it to give it a try, but make sure you don’t use any version above 2.6, as later Chrome based versions did not offer this ability.

    • Mango Wodzak
      September 8, 2011 at 6:07 am

      thanks.. none of those addons come anywhere close to the elegance and simplicity provided through flock. the Picnik loads into a website for editing, but i have to upload the whole image file as is.. flock was/(is still) not only much simpler but far far quicker... the picture2life is not even a compatible addon anymore, and the screenshot addons, although useful, don't really provide the abilities I'm really after.

      I'm guessing that it's highly likely that there is no such addon.. I searched myself, prior to posting the question, and came up empty handed, but I figured there could always be something out there that's just not easy to find.

      You really should give flock a spin to see just what i'm raving about. there are portable versions out there, and like i've mentioned, the source code is there for anyone that has the expertise and desire to wade through it and extract the relevant bits into an extension.. no easy task i'm sure. but it would certainly be an extension worth paying for.