How can I find a MP3/MP4 player with the features I want?

Raspal Seni February 24, 2012
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I’ve been looking and looking and just looking, but even after reading a lot of reviews and forums, haven’t been able to find a decent Mp3/Mp4 player which I am looking for.

I’m basically looking for a good music player. I already have a JXD 990 which is great for videos, but if most of the features I wish, are only available on an MP4 player, then I can get that instead. So, please help me decide and suggest the one which has most of the following features.

1. Long battery life
2. Built-in (loud) speaker (if possible, 5+ hours playback for music on speaker)
3. MicroSD card slot, support for at least 16GB cards.
4. Able to scroll through music fast (like that for contacts on a mobile phone; don’t have to keep pressing the next button to scroll, as on the JXD)
5. Bookmark function for music
6. Use MP3 song as an alarm support (optional)
7. Support for AAC and MP3
8. Should be able to resume music/songs from where left at power off.
9. FM Radio (optional)

I was about to get the Transcend MP870 but am skeptical about it.

Are today’s Mobile phones having the music and video features better to buy than MP3/MP4 players? I’m also thinking about changing my 3+ years old simple mobile phone, so if today’s mobile phones are better at music than a dedicated MP3/MP4 player, please suggest which ones.

  1. Raspal Seni
    February 24, 2012 at 4:20 pm


    Thanks for the links. I think Cowon J3 satisfies most of my needs so I may get that. But then again, some reviews mention that the speaker is not very loud. And it doesn't seem to support AAC.

    Other than the battery life, are there any mobile phones with good music quality? Bluetooth and multiple alarms in a mobile phone would be another plus. Which mobile phone would have a real loud speaker?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Susendeep Dutta
    February 24, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    Looking to all your expected needs,I think that you need a PMP with Android OS.Cowon is good PMP to meet all your needs.

    Cowon D3 Plenue is a good choice for all your needs -

    Cowon D3 Plenue reviews -

    For thorough review,visit the links below.These sites have indepth reviews.

  3. Anonymous
    February 24, 2012 at 8:20 am

    creative zen x-fi2

    Creative Zen X-Fi3 hands-on

    search for cowon J3
    they have a good quality of battery life.

    iriver mp3 player generally have speakers and sd slots
    iriver E150

    concerning mobiles, so if you intend to listen to music more than 3 hours per day then you will have to recharge battery more time.

  4. Jay.0
    February 24, 2012 at 8:00 am

    I think today's mobile phone have most of these features.
    but 16 GB expandable memory can limit your options.

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