How can I find out when and to whom an ’email as attachment’ was sent using Google Docs?

Kevin August 22, 2010
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Using “email as attachment” in Google Docs, there is no record in the “Sent” page of GMail or any other email program – it just goes off. It apparently gets there, but there is no way to look up when it was sent or who it was sent to. The option to “Send Copy to Me” sends a copy of the Doc, but no info about who it was sent to originally.

Is there some way to find a record of Google Docs sent as email attachment?

I just had to forward 2 months of emails to and from Adobe to my bank. I could not have done that if they had been Google Docs.
Using OS X 10.6.4 and Windows XP. Have queried Google Docs Help and Forum. Question has been posed by others, unanswered after 9 months.