Why is my external hard drive no longer recognized by my LG TV?

Oscar January 7, 2015
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Hi there,

I have a Western Digital 1.5TB HDD that is FAT32 formatted. I originally used this on a PC and now Mac (still go between the two) if I have to. I connected this external hard drive to my LG Smart TV LB7500 (Australian model) via the USB port. Initially, this worked fine, however, when I later went to add more movies onto it (and proceeded to connect it), the TV wouldn’t recognize it.

I have read the user guide and feel I have stuck to the conditions for this to work, bar one thing!

When I removed the HDD from the TV and went to connect it to a windows laptop, I needed a driver apparently to access the HDD. So I did so in order to access the hard drive. It was after this point that the hard drive ceased to be recognized by the TV. So I am assuming it was something to do with the driver installation.
I am not sure how to reverse the installation…or find a way to make the HDD connect to the TV again (without reformatting, setting up a network etc…)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  1. Jolly Mac
    January 21, 2015 at 7:16 am

    Firstly run chkdsk. If you are not getting response try to attach external hd to your PC and check whether it is recognized by PC or not. If yes then its fine, if not then take technical expert help.

  2. ha14
    January 7, 2015 at 8:35 am

    which driver is that?

    How to Run Chkdsk on an External Hard Drive

    try with USB 2.0 root hub

    1. Go to control Panel, Folder Options — select VIEW— select Show hidden
    files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files
    (recommended) click APPLY
    2. go to your external hard drive check which kind of hidden folders are there maybe there is a cataloging folder which is corrupted, deleting it perhaps can help.

    • Oscar D
      January 8, 2015 at 1:29 am

      @ ha14, I tried to run a check disk on the drive but when i go to "start" it, a window pops up saying that I cant run check disk while its in use. It further asks me if i want to dismount the volume first. (Note: all opened handles to this volume will become in invalid). I am not sure what it means, because I have nothing open from the drive.

      Also, I looked at the hidden files on the drive, and only saw a few files accociated with mac such as the DONOTPRESENT file, and a cm0013 which i don't recognise. Not sure if deleting these files will help. So at this point I won't, just in case.

      Upon further investigating, on the WD site. I saw that my drive (My Book Essential) may have installed the SES driver for the first time when i connected it to this windows 7 laptop. (although not necassary from what i have read). The TV manual did say that some drivers may affect the operation. Perhaps this is it? I am not sure how to uninstall that driver.

    • ha14
      January 8, 2015 at 10:11 am

      well handles are opened files (can be windows system files) so you have to close them (windows will reboot to do chkdsk), as precaution you can backup your files first and run Chkdsk

      you can try to update the firmware also and get the right driver (junt download and install it)
      when connecting to windows and in order windows recognize the hard drive will install the right drivers, windows will not install a false driver unless the user do it manually or somehow Windows driver is corrupted...

      cm0013 is for finder and some TVs...it is kind of idendity file
      HDD has a .cm0013 file and can't be accessed
      maybe you did not safely eject My Book Essential

  3. Jan F.
    January 7, 2015 at 5:08 am

    Does the drive work fine on the Mac?
    Does it prompt you with a driver installation on a different Windows computer?

    Usually, external hard drive should not require any additional driver. They should be detected as a Mass Storage Device and work straight away. Otherwise it usually indicates an issue with the driver cache or a corrupt default driver within Windows.

    Check the following link if your external hard drive is expected to ask for an (optional) driver

    If it was an optional driver it may have enabled features that prevent it from being used on the TV. In that case consult the manufacturers manual, help or support how to revert to "normal operation".

    If the drive causes issues altogether I'm afraid the controller is defective.
    In a best case scenario you can disassemble the drive and put it in a third-party external hard drive case or have it exchanged within the warranty (you will have to backup the data yourself).
    * Some external drives do have proprietary controllers that will not work with third-party cases e.g. duo to the lack of an SATA interface.

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