Can you explain how MSI packaging works?

Vandita Pandit September 3, 2011

Which files are stored in C:\Windows\Installer and why?
How can I get the table details by using MSI SDK, but not using ORCA.

  1. Anonymous
    September 4, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    if you go to run and type msiexec.exe then you can launch it, You can find msiexec.exe under C:windowssystem32. The latest version for Windows XP is Windows Installer 3.1 v2. Windows Vista  delivered with Windows Installer 4.0. Windows Installer uses MSI packages,which are databases containing all information that is necessary to install an application.

    An MSI is basically a database with a number of relationally linked tables and a
    set of files either inside or next to the MSI file. The Database contains
    information about what has to be done to the target Computer in order to install
    the Application. Windows Installer you use WiX, InstallShield, Wise Installation Studio, Orca, or Visual Studio to author a .msi database file which is then consumed by the Windows Installer service (msiexec) on the target PC, Script-based installers are NSIS, classic InstallShield and Wise. Windows Installer editors usually make a basic installation easy to create, but many start to have issues when the support of Windows Installer starts to halt or more complex task. Often you will see a mix of native Windows Installer databases with embedded custom actions and wrapped with bootstrappers and/or chainers and/or dependency checks.Building an Installer Package (.msi) File

    Windows Installer Authoring Tools for Developers .msi Files

  2. Jeffery Fabish
    September 3, 2011 at 10:30 pm