Why are there error messages when booting Windows XP?

Osama khan January 15, 2012
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Whenever I start Windows XP, it says media cable test failure. Then it restarts a billion times, meaning always showing the boot screen, then some moments later I get a message stating pex build, then it says to press F1 for setup or F2 to resume.

I have re-installed Windows XP many times and for a few weeks it solves the problem, but comes back again.

    January 16, 2012 at 1:22 am

    Hello, If you have tried many installations and it always comes back with the same error, it could mean there is a misconfiguration in BIOS.  One solution for this is to go into BIOS and change the boot sequence.  In your case, it is F1.  This is what you could try:

    -- restart computer
    -- keep pressing F1 key
    -- once you enter BIOS, find the boot page
    -- set harddrive as first choice by highlighting harddrive entry an press the F6 key until it moves to the first entry at the top
    -- set CD as second choice by doing the same.  If you have to move and entry down, you can use the F5 key
    -- find the PXE option, highlight it and press enter
    -- select disable and press enter
    -- click on last tab of BIOS and select save settings and exit option, then press enter
    -- computer will restart

    You might get the error that cable is disconnected but your computer will boot up.  Let us know if it works

  2. Anonymous
    January 15, 2012 at 11:10 am

    perhaps the problem PXE Media test failure, check cable occurs because the computer tries to boot from a network device and can not, and then ask to check a cable (network) is connected .