How can I encourage a company to sponsor giveaways on my site?

Siyanda Mava March 23, 2012
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I have blog, which is about South African cellular network providers. I write about their services(old and new), products and latest competitions. Also latest promotions and how people can participate. I also write posts comparing their cellphones and tablet deals. Basically, I help people with their everyday questions regarding all five South African mobile network providers.

I would like to know how I approach these big companies to partner with me in sponsoring giveaways for the users on my site – just like here on makeuseof :).

How do I approach them? Who do I address the email to? Is the some sort of format of a proposal I should follow?


  1. Mike
    March 24, 2012 at 1:41 am

    Personally I would start a little bit more defensive.

    Get "long-term" statistics for your site e.g. using Google Analytics since that is what "sponsors" are interested in. Set up a newsletter or social network to gain a better overview about who your readers actually are.

    I don't recommend to contact the "big companies" unless you are sure they are aware of your site and content (e.g. by subscription or by following you on social network) or you have something to offer in return.

    Officials with public contact details usually get random requests on a daily basis. They skim through mails for certain keywords and hit the delete button whenever they believe someone "wants something without bringing anything to the table".

    • Siyanda N. Mava
      March 24, 2012 at 3:53 am

      Thanks for the response, Mike.

      But how do I get statistics for Google Analytics?  Do I take a screen shot of it or should i export the data to excel (if its possible)?