To what eMail address do I send blog updates when using Postie?

Mark October 18, 2010

Great post you made here regarding Postie Email Blog Updates To Your Wordpress Blog With Postie Read More .

However, neither there or on Rob Felty’s site or forum or within the plugin does it mention to which address to send the eMail to be posted. Am I just having a senior moment before my time? Help!

  1. Ryan Dube
    October 19, 2010 at 12:09 am

    Hey Mark - Glad you liked the article!

    It's actually pretty straightforward. Before you use postie, you should set up a free email account just for that purpose - and it should be one that gives you POP access. Then, if you go into to the Settings area of your WordPress blog and then go to the Postie Settings, under mailserver settings you'll see the POP3 settings. In the userid field is where you enter the email User Name and password for that account. ANY email that arrives at that email address will get posted to your blog....sorta.

    The next part of the setup is which senders are *allowed* to post. Not every incoming email will get posted, only email coming from specific email addresses you've defined. To define those, within the Postie settings go to the "user" tab and add those "approved" addresses in the field titled "authorized addresses" - and you're done!