How can I edit Facebook questions privacy?

Emma T May 22, 2011

Anybody know how I can change my privacy settings, so only friends can see my Questions info? Because at the moment the whole Facebook community can see my answers even, if they’re not on my friends list, it sucks.

  1. Gustavo Ibarguengoytia
    May 24, 2011 at 4:55 am


    "How it works"Why can I comment on some answers but not others?Your
    ability to comment on other people's answers depends on whether the
    person has adjusted their privacy settings to allow non-friends to
    comment on their posts. To view and adjust who can comment on your
    posts, visit your privacy settings, click "Customize settings" in the "Sharing on Facebook" section, and adjust the setting for "Can comment on posts."/help/?faq=18096Privacy

    Who can see the questions or answers that I post?
    you ask a question, it is shared on your profile and in the News Feeds
    of your friends. If a friend answers or follows one of your questions,
    it will also create a story on their profile and within the News Feed of
    their friends, which increases the number of people who can view and
    answer your question. In this way, anyone on Facebook may participate in
    a question you ask so you can get answers from people outside your
    immediate friends.

    You should only ask and answer questions that you are comfortable
    sharing with everyone on Facebook as the questions you have participated
    in are visible to everyone.

    Note that when you ask a question in a group, only other group members
    can see and answer the question. Group questions will not be shared on
    your profile or in News Feed./help/?faq=18082

    So basically if you allow friends' friends to see and comment on your posts (Questions, Status updates, anything that ends up on your wall or profile) then you have a very large audience. If you limit your profile to friends only in the Privacy Settings section of your account, then only You and your friends should see YOUR questions, but if they "Like it" or they add a comment to that then that specific question is also added to their news feed/profile available to everyone that can view their profiles. So be careful with what you answer and with what you share, unfortunately since Questions is now a core FB app, like events and photos it can't be deleted from your account.