What is eating my hard disk space on partition C:?

Anonymous March 11, 2012

I run Windows 7. My computer’s hard disk is partitioned into C, D and E. C is the primary partition containing the boot OS. D and E are logic drives. C is 50Gb and always in the red, but what is filling it up and how can I free up space?

  1. Sonny Bass
    March 13, 2012 at 3:09 am

    If you don't Hibernate your computer you can free up a lot of space by disabling hibernate & deleting  the hiberfil sys space. The link below explains and shows how.

    March 11, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    Hello, 50 GB is barely enough to host a standard windows 7 installation plus all the other applications you might use.  There are a few things you could try. 

    I first option was already mentioned.  Make sure your system gets rid of temporary files stored there.  I would setup your system so that this files get deleted every time you shut down your computer.  You could use crapcleaner for that. 

    You could also reduce the size of the recycle bin.  To do so,

    -- right click on the recycle bin icon and click on properties
    -- select your C drive
    -- on custom size, reduce the size to about 4 GB
    -- click on apply and the on ok

    You could also reduce the size for your system restory points.  To do so, try the following:

    -- click on windows key + Pause/Break at same time
    -- on menu, click on system protection tab
    -- select your C drive
    -- click on configure
    -- set a size of 5%
    -- click on apply and then ok

    You already have 2 other partitions so this should be a very viable option.  Move your Pictures, Music, Videos folders there.  There are different ways of doing this, the easies way is to do the following:

    -- right click on Pictures folder
    -- click on the send to option
    -- select another partition
    -- do the same with music, videos, etc folders

    You could also create another smaller partition an move your temporarary and internet temporary files there.  In this new partition, create two folders: TMP and TEMP.  To move the location of your temporary files try the following:

    -- click on windows key + Pause/Break key at same time
    -- on menu, click on advance tab
    -- click on environment variables
    -- on the top box you will see three entries.  Select the TEMP entry
    -- click on edit button
    -- enter new partition and folder there (if new partition is F, type letter it should look like F:TEMP) click on ok
    -- do the same with TMP folder (it should look like F:TMP) click on ok

    You could also your default download folder and internet temporary files to this new partition to save space.  Let me know how it goes.

  3. Anonymous
    March 11, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    you can try this free Treesize
    scan you hard drive c and then find out the big files
    perhaps windows restore points are taking much of space.

  4. Mike
    March 11, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    By default all applications install themselves within "C:" so anything you may have installed could be taking away the free space.

    Also all temporary files are stored on this drive so you may want to erase those for the browser, operating system etc.

    System Restore points, Windows Update backups, Installers, Repair & Uninstallers etc. also hide on "C:"

    Your best option is to run CCleaner to clean up anything unnecessary or trash piling up. 
    If you are unsure about one or more options you can simply right-click it and select "Analyze". This will give you an estimate of the space being freed. By double-clicking the result you will get a detailed list of all the files being removed by that option.