Do I need drivers after installing Ubuntu?

bunky April 5, 2011
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I am installing Ubuntu 10.10. Do I need any sound or WiFi drivers after installing it?

  1. Anonymous
    April 6, 2011 at 9:49 am


    That card does need proprietary drivers. You will, however, need an optional Internet connection to download them, maybe using an ethernet connection. Then start Hardware Drivers from the System / Administration menu, and it will hopefully find a driver for your wifi.

    SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATION > ADDITIONAL DRIVERS. The OS should then locat drivers to work with your Wifi adaptor. Then just a simple matter of putting my my WAP key for my router atfer that.

    Wireless Networking Central

    Same for the sound driver Applications > System >Administration > Hardware Drivers
    Applications>sound&video>alsa mixer. if its in the playback mode then adjust it.

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