How can I download and send files using Hotmail?

Joan December 30, 2011

Can I save a Hotmail message to a USB Flash drive so that I can think about a response while not online? Can I send a Word document saved on a USB drive via Hotmail? How?

  1. Jay
    December 30, 2011 at 3:24 am

    copy text of mail in a document.
    write reply when you are offline, and paste the text of your reply when you get online. or save it as word document and send it.

    It is not that complicated. (check images)

    1. to attach and send a file :
    click attachments > select the file (from the usb drive)> click send

    2. to download an attachment:
    single click on download option or download as zip option.

    December 30, 2011 at 2:15 am

    Hello, yes you can send a word document saved in a USB drive.  There are two choices when doing this: send word document as an online document using skydrive, or attaching the file. 

    -- make sure to connect/insert USB drive
    -- open hotmail
    -- click on New
    -- type/select email address to send message to and subject of email
    -- click on attachment
    -- navigate/browse toward your external/flashdrive and select the word document and click on open

    -- once document is uploaded, you will have two options:  send files as attachments or save files on skydrive

    -- If you select to send files as attachment, you are pretty much done once file is uploaded.  You can just click send and that is it.  But you have extra choices:  send as online doc or always send files as attachments

    If you send as online doc, the recipient doesn't need to have word installed, recipient can open file online.  If you send as attachment, they will have to download it and provided they have word installed, they can view the file.

    -- If you send the word file as online document, once recipient gets the email, he/she just have to click on link and file will will open with office online. 

    With regards to saving email to USB, one possible option would be to save email to html.  To do this, you would need the windows live mail that is included with windows live essentials:

    Download and install the windows live essentials software.  Select windows live mail to install.  The rest of software provided is up to you if you need it or not.  Once windows live mail is installed, try the following instructions:

    -- connect/insert USB drive
    -- open windows live mail
    -- enter your email/password
    -- open email you want to copy
    -- on top left corner, click on down arrow
    -- click on save, then save as file
    -- under Save as file, click on down arrow and select HTML files
    -- under file name, type any descriptive name
    -- click on computer/my computer and select your USB drive as location to save file
    -- click on save and you are done

    If you want to see/open your email, just navigate to USB drive and find the saved copy.  Double click on it, and it will open for you. 

  3. Chris Hoffman
    December 30, 2011 at 2:12 am

    Sure, you can just select the message's text with your mouse, right-click it and click copy. From there, you can open a new document in a text editor such as Word or Notepad, right-click inside the new document and select Paste. Use the text editor's save feature to save your document to a USB drive.

    You can also try clicking the little down arrow to the right of Reply at the top of an email and selecting Print. One of the print options, depending on your operating system and browser, may be Print to PDF or Microsoft XPS Document Writer. These options create a PDF or XPS file containing your message; you can save it to a USB drive.

    As far as sending a Word document, you can click Attachments to the right of Insert when composing a new email to attach the Word document to an email. Recipients can open the Word document and view it. If you want to email the text of the Word document in an email, you can open the Word document in Word, select the text, right-click it and click copy. Right-click inside the text box while writing a new email and select Paste to paste the contents of the Word document into the message body.