Where can I download free and full games that work on my computer?

kanth September 17, 2011

Can you suggest me free and full game sites (any category games), which can be played without graphics card, i.e. only Itel graphics in Windows XP?

My PC specification:
2GB RAM, Windows XP, HDD 200GB+, Intel Core2Duo processor.

Waiting for your response .

  1. Saikat Basu
    September 17, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    We have an entire category devoted to games. You can browse the articles we have posted so far and focus on video games playable on the computer. There are loads of simple games you can play with your present configuration. The recently posted - 3 PC Games Similar To Angry Birds That You Can Play Offline is a case in point.

    Then how about:
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    3 Free Cross-Platform Multishooter Games That Resemble Worms 2
    Play Addictive Free Downloadable Games At FreeGamePick

    The best thing all games we feature are free, so you can keep downloading and playing them all till you find the one you really love. Let us know if you find a gem here.