How can I download classic ringtones for the iPhone to my laptop?

priscilo jun penas September 10, 2010

How do I download the UK Phone ringtone High pitch to my Sony laptop? I intend to use the ringtone with China made iPhone compatible.

Mozilla Firefox is my browser and using Windows XP Professional on my laptop.

  1. Anonymous
    September 17, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    HiOption 1: Depending on your mobile phone model and manufacturer, download the ringtone to your computer, and transfer it to your mobile using a data cable, infra red or bluetoothOption 2: Download directly to your phone- browse your phone internet and locate the following address; Ex that everything for your iPhone needs to go through iTunes-music, video and ringtones. Open your iTunes library, and check for any song marked with the ringtone symbol. When you choose one, select "Store" and "Create Ringtone."2Click on "Preferences" for another option. Choose "Ringtones."3Carve out 30 seconds of a song that you want as your ringtone. You'll do this at the highlighted area at the bottom of your computer screen. Click the checkbox next to "fade in" or "fade out" buttons to further edit your ringtone.4Alter the delay time by selecting the interval from the "Looping" menu. Listen to your ringtone by choosing "Preview," and if you like the sound, click "Buy."5Sync your iPhone once the ringtone arrives in your iTunes library. Now you have a custom ringtone for your custom iPh

    Require 3rd Party Software
    Ringtone Expressions (formerly iPhoneRingToneMaker) - Edit and transfer any song to your iPhone for ringtone

    (1) go into itunes
    (2) Find the song you want
    (3) Listen to your song and find the section of the song you want to use (note time in minutes and seconds) - 30-40 seconds is recommended
    (4) go to "file" and "Get Info" and "Options" - Put in the Start and Stop Time in Minutes and seconds
    (5) Go to itunes preferences (only have to do this once) - general settings - click on "Import Settings"
    (6) make sure it's set to "import using AAC encoder"
    (7) Go back to song and click "Advanced" from drop down menu and select "Create AAC version") this will show up in itunes as another version of the same song (just shortened)
    (8) Go to "File" menu - click on "show in finder"
    (9) it will show the song with an ending of ".m4a"
    (10) move cursor to ",m4a" and change the "a" to an "r"
    (11) it will as you if this is ok - say yes
    (12) Drag this itune converted song to your desktop out of itunes - it will made a copy on the desktop - this will be your ringtone.
    (13) Delete the original 30 second version (not the original song) from itunes
    (14) Click on the desktop copy and it will copy it to your itunes ringtones section.
    (15) Whala.... new ringtone.