How can I downgrade from Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows XP Home?

armand November 12, 2011

How can I downgrade from Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows XP Home?

    November 13, 2011 at 1:13 am

    Hello, I think when Vista came out and many people were not happy with it, it was a matter of asking the computer manufacturer's for a downgrade....Keep in mind that at the time, you could have only downgraded to xp pro...not home.  At this point in time, manufacturer's are more concerned about upgrading from xp/vista to windows 7, so I do not know or think that you could do it that way anymore.  You could find more info on this dated article from the time:

    You could get more info about downgrade rights from this pdf:

    I would think the only thing you can do try nowadays is to buy an installation disk of Windows Home and do a clean install.  Keep in mind that it will be hard for you to find and buy an installation disk of XP home from retailers, because from what I have read/heard, it is sometimes even hard to buy installation disks for XP pro from them.  Of course, you could try finding xp home in ebay and places like that. 

    If you are concern about loosing settings and stuff you could try using the easy transfer  utility that comes with vista/xp/windows 7 to transfer your settings from vista to xp. I am uncertain if this would work on a downgrade though...

  2. Jeff Fabish
    November 13, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Follow this guide. Basically, you have to reinstall.