Why doesn’t MS Office autocorrect replace one of my custom entries?

Bud Ingersoll December 3, 2014
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I am unable to add a particular symbol to the MS Office Math AutoCorrect table in Office 2010.

In most Office applications, press & hold left-Alt key and on the numeric keypad enter the 4 digits in the 1st column to produce the Spanish characters in the 2nd column.

With Office Word, I have added the character strings in the 3rd column to the Auto-correct table to produce the characters in the 2nd column (with the exception of the accented capital “ Í ”).

Following is a subset of the table entries:
0233 é \’e
0201 É /‘e
0237 í \’i
0205 /’I /‘i
0243 ó \’o
0211 Ó /’O

With the Accented Capital I ( Í ), I have tried several different leading characters to no avail. The character is not auto-corrected. I have also entered “/i”, backspaced, and entered the ” ‘ “, with the same result. My next step is to …???

  1. Jessy2014
    January 6, 2015 at 12:48 am

    Go settings, and select auto-correct.