Do you find yourself “navigating excessively” when you use apps on your Windows and phone?

Joe Videtto July 15, 2013
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Hi all – just a general observation I’ve made with regard to my ‘workstyle’ habits. I’m in the process of going from a Windows-centric tech lifestyle to a ‘cloud-based’ lifestyle, where all my data and typical app uses and data are just one-click (or at most 2 or 3 – if a hierarchy need be invloved).

Now – most programs are designed for a multitude of scenarios – as a GUI allows and should allow, but I find myself navigating excessively to reach my ‘ready to work in my app’ or ‘ready to view documents, video, or picture” points in my typical work flows.

My feeling is – the software and industry is always moving in the direction of simplifying things, but that is typically done WITHIN single apps or more so on phones, still within single apps or WIDGETS. But as far as moving between apps and always being a few clicks away from your intended work flow, I feel there is still a long way to go….

Which finally leads to my question…

Do you find yourself navigating excessively, in general, when using apps on both your computer and phone ? If so, do you try to simplify your navigation ? If so, how do you do that – please give specific examples and use cases.

I was thinking that ultimately, macro recording would be required to really simplify workflow down to 2 or 3 clicks to be ‘ready to go’, because everybody navigates differently through their apps based on their understanding of the app an habit preferences.

  1. Susendeep D
    July 15, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    You ca perform much of the automation process using IFTTT which has several automated actions called recipes.

    In my case,whenever I get an opportunity to use my friend's Android device,I found that navigating to file manager to find files and going to upper directory is difficult in mobile devices.But this thing is better in Windows especially right from Windows 7.

  2. Hovsep A
    July 15, 2013 at 10:51 am

    you can use launchers, for instance i have true launchbar, you need to configure menu add icon photo to characterize each menu (you can also choose to display title!) then simple drag and drop applications icon from desktop to their respective menu launcher.

    if you do not want to click to go for folders inside hard drives you can try faster way.

    KO Approch
    You are virtually one click away from any file, right click on the hard drive and go through them


    the pro version map also networked drives