How can I disable the security device of a Gateway flatscreen?

Chris H August 9, 2010

I bought a Gateway FPD1975 W flat monitor from Craigslist and the thing has a built in security device that won’t allow it to turn on completely. Where do I get the code to turn it on?

  1. Anonymous
    August 10, 2010 at 2:43 am

    The problem you are encountering is an anti-theft measure that Gateway has implemented on some of their monitors. It is controlled by a software program on your PC called EzTune. It detects when the monitor is plugged in and if it ever is disconnected it would ask for a PIN#. Check to see if this software is installed. If so it should give you the option to turn off this particular feature. If it is not installed on your PC you will have to install it and setup a PIN so you can disable this feature. Below are instructions from Picture Portraits, who developed EzTune and what to do to disable the feature:

    "Your display has been enabled with Theft Deterrence. EzTune's theft deterrence minimizes theft or unauthorized relocation of the display. Theft deterrence does not prevent the display from being stolen, but hinders the operation of the display once it is removed from the host computer.

    To enable Theft Deterrence, click on the Enable Theft button in EzTune Enter a personal identification number (PIN) and timer value for the display. The timer value allows for normal operation when a theft condition has occurred before displaying the theft warning message.

    The following actions must occur for the theft timer to be activated:

    1. Both power and display cables must be removed from the display
    2. The display is attached to a different computer

    Once both actions occur, the monitor suspects theft and begins its countdown. If the correct PIN is not entered using EzTune, the display will enter theft mode and a large warning message will appear on the screen.

    EzTune software provides a mechanism that allows for creating and storing the PIN to a secured web site for safe keeping. You should also keep your PIN information in a secure area away from your display for future reference. If you have forgotten your PIN and it is registered on the secured web site, you can retrieve it via email.

    To change your PIN or get a reminder, you must be connected to the Internet. Click on the link below and follow the simple instructions for changing or remembering your PIN.