How do I dial USSD codes using my iPhone 5 with a R-SIM9 PRO SIM card?

Anonymous March 14, 2014

My iPhone 5 with R-Sim9 pro does not allow me dial USSD codes.

When I dial it, it treats the USSD code like a mobile number. Is there a way to fix this problem?

  1. Jan F
    March 15, 2014 at 11:09 am

    It is a problem with your unlocking SIM not with the iPhone.

    The easiest solution would be to remove the R-Sim9, have the iPhone unlocked by the (original) provider and then use your SIM card without the R-Sim9.

    There is also a fix involving a "CommCenter patch" (via Cydia) and then setting an option called "SupportsSupplementaryServicesOver3GPP" to on (via iFile) but it requires your phone to be jailbreaked.