How does device tracking in Google work, and will I ever see my tablet again?

David Harris November 25, 2014
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My Android tablet was stolen on October 30th. A few days later on November 5th, the tablet came online and I tracked it to an intersection in my city. The tablet was online for two or three hours that day and hasn’t been online since. That was twenty days ago. This is how I was tracking it:

My question: If the thief simply logged the tablet off of Google and that is why it is no longer showing up, wouldn’t my Android Device Manager show that the device had been logged off? This is what I am seeing: Location unavailable – Last online November 5, 2014

This makes me think that the tablet is still connected to my Google account and will show up on my Android Device Manager again the next time it is turned on. If someone could explain how this works, I’d appreciate it.

  1. Jan F.
    November 26, 2014 at 12:45 am

    "Location unavailable" usually means that it could not retrieve a current location information for the device in question. I would assume by now whoever has the tablet simply reset it to factory default and therefor ADM is no longer configured with your account and you won't get any new location information for it.

    You probably should have used the LOCK option or in case of sensitive data the ERASE option as soon as you noticed the device being stolen. You can still use these options but as I previously said, it's unlikely that the device will ever come online "under your account" again.