How can I delete Windows 7 user accounts if they do not show up in Control Panel?

Brenda Breslin August 4, 2012

I created 2 Administrator accounts and 1 standard user account. I want to delete all but 1 Administroator and 1 standard user.

When I go to do this in Control Panel and User Accounts, only 1 admin and 1 user show up. When I restart the PC, it shows them up there, but not in CP User accounts. How can I fix this?

  1. Brenda Breslin
    August 20, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    i also want to add that when try to follow any of these suggestions i notice that this account shows up as the built in administrator account the ony suggestion listed here so far that will work is from Suman Acharya, when i follow that suggestion it opens up the advanced users properies box and says there that the one i need to delete is the built in admin account. should i proceed and attempt to delete it?
    Btw thanks to all who have helped me :)

    • Bruce Epper
      August 27, 2012 at 3:45 am

      You cannot delete the built-in administrative user account. It is required for the proper operation of the computer. You can disable it so that it does not show up on the login screen and most users cannot access it by opening up an administrative command prompt and typing 'net use administrator /active:no'

      August 28, 2012 at 8:22 pm

      Hello, it is not possible to delete the built-in administrator account. You can hide/disable it but not delete it. This account is there for a reason. If you are running windows 7/Vista, you need this account to be there for authorizing installations when UAC pops up. It is possible to rename it if that is what you wish. Here is a link showing how:

      If you want to disable the account, you could try the following:

      As a side note, make sure that this account has a strong password on it.

  2. sampath widushan
    August 5, 2012 at 4:30 am

    First Open the command prompt.important thing is you should login as the administrator.and in the prompt type "net user"this command will show the all active user accounts on your computer.and this is the last one.just type "net user (the account name that you want to delete) \delete" and press you go..nice and easy..

  3. Suman Acharya
    August 5, 2012 at 1:11 am

    windows logo+R
    type netplwiz
    you can add/remove users..

  4. ha14
    August 4, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    From this command prompt, type this command:
    net user {username}
    {username} is the user which is causing you problems and which you wish to delete
    Then type
    net user {username} /delete

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