How can I *really* delete a public calendar from Google Calendar?

Tilman October 3, 2011
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Hi my dear MUO friends,

my question sounds a bit stupid, but… well… It doesn’t work! I want to delete a public calendar from my list of calendars in Google Calendar. So I go to settings -> Calendars and click on unsubscribe on the right side in the lower half of the page. Everything fine so far, it disappears. But the next time I come back to Google Calendar (or if I reload), the same public calendar is again there!! I’ve tried it with different browsers, so I really can’t understand what the problem might be…

Let me illustrate once more what I do to make sure you understand the situation: On the calendar settings page, I remove ALL calendars in the “other calendars” section by clicking on all unsubscribe. buttons. Going back to the main calendar view, obviously there are no calendars in the “other calendars” section under “my calendars” on the left side. Everything is fine. But if I reload the calendar, I get a full SEVEN calendars back into that section! The seven calendars are “Contacts’ birthdays and events”, “Finnish Holidays”, “German Holidays”, “Sunrise and sunset for Helsinki”, and “Week Numbers” – the “Finnish Holidays” and “German Holidays” calendars both appear twice!

I have added those calendars myself in the past but for some reason they are now somehow “hard-wired” or hard-coded into Google Calendar, so that I just can’t remove them. I made an experiment to add another public calendar, in this case “Indian holidays”, into Gcal in order to see whether it would also stay hard-wired in the list. But that one I was able to remove successfully. Only the calendars which I added myself many years ago I cannot remove now. And why do the Finnish and German holiday calendars appear twice??

I hope you can help me… Any ideas?



  1. Gamaliel Vincenzo Lorenzo
    March 27, 2012 at 6:22 am

    uncheck the box, then unsubscribe.

  2. Anonymous
    October 4, 2011 at 11:44 am