Is it possible to delete pages from a PDF file?

Wendy Remington January 5, 2012

I have a PDF file of a scanned email and somehow there are 4 additional pages attached to it that I would like to delete.

  1. Anonymous
    January 6, 2012 at 11:37 am

    well you can convert to word, delete the undesired pages and reconvert to pdf.

  2. Jay.0
    January 6, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Tested ok on

    upload the file

    set range excluding last 4 pages.
    eg. if 10 pages are there.
    set range of pages :1 to 6

    Click split,
    and it will display download option of your file with last 4 pages excluded.

    January 6, 2012 at 2:32 am

    Hello, one of the freeware better options is PDFTK builder.  Visit the following link and scroll down until you reach the download link.  It will show you instructions about how to accomplish what you want:

    PDFTK Builder:

  4. Koz83
    January 6, 2012 at 1:23 am

    The software Foxit PDF Editor can do it.