At what data volume does PHP start to struggle?

Irmgard Meldau May 17, 2012
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If PHP is not an ideal fit for Facebook since difficult to scale, what would be a better solution, and at what data volume does PHP start to struggle?

I read in different articles (“nuts and bolts of Facebook” on this site) that Facebook struggles with PHP, does anybody have a better solution?

  1. Oron
    May 17, 2012 at 11:19 am

    My understanding is that the main difficulty with scaling projects in PHP is not one of performance (i.e. server issues) but rather that of scaling projects. It is a bit of a "higglety pigglety" language which is not particularly suitable for large projects. The normal answer to the question of scalable projects is to use a "proper" language, such as a C-like one (C++, Java etc), and there are also languages specifically designed to be used on multithreaded applications, such as OCCAM, but perhaps someone with actual experience in such projects can illuminate this further for us?