How can I create a SEO friendly menu?

About Web June 11, 2011
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How can we make a drop down menu that is SEO friendly ? I think this will be done with CSS, without javascript?

  1. James Bruce
    June 12, 2011 at 9:56 am

    actualy, javascript menus are fine too so long as they operate on your basic menu structure. Here's a quick google result for a jquery based drop down menu thats very easy to implement: .

    To see if it's ok in terms of "SEO" , you can always just turn off javascript and se how your page is read. if it still has all the content, you are good to go.

    FYI, CSS has nothing to do with SEO and offers no benefit over anything. Remember, SEO relates to how search engines view your page, not humans - so presentation plays no part - it's the raw HTML content that counts.