How can I create a network connection between a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer?

Fred Fox October 12, 2010
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I recently purchased a desktop computer with Windows 7 Home Premium. I would like to network this computer with my laptop that uses Windows XP. How do I do this?

  1. Anonymous
    October 13, 2010 at 9:23 am

    How to make Windows 7 work with older Windows versions for networking and file sharing

    1) Ownership and Permissions of a folder
    2) Sharing the folder
    3) "Work" group, not "Home"
    4) All PCs in same group
    5) Reboot all PCs
    6) Last ditch effort

    Part 1: get the folder's ownership and permissions right on the Windows 7 machine

    1) make sure you own the folder: RtClk-properties-security-advanced-owner-edit (and make yourself the owner)
    check "replace owner of subcontainers" to apply to all files and subfolders

    2) "OK" the above to set everything and get out, then go back in to give "everyone" read/write permissions. Delete all the others like administrator which someone above said might cause a conflict:
    a) RtClk-properties-security-advanced-permissions-change-permissions (if everyone is not in the list, click "add" and type "everyone" in the big box - "OK").
    b) "Remove" all others, but remember how to use "add" as in a) above to get them back if necessary.
    c) "Edit" "everyone" and give them all permissions.
    d) uncheck "inherit parent permissions" to make sure it doesn't override what you want
    e) check "replace child permissions" to apply to all files and subfolders

    3) "OK" the above to get out and then go back in:
    RtClk-properties-security. If "everyone" is not the only one listed or does not have all permissions, fix with "edit".

    Part 2: Share the folder.
    RtClk-properties-sharing. In both "share..." and "advanced sharing...->permissions" make sure "everyone" had read and write. Remove any others.

    Part 3: Networking with XP: All XP and 7 PCs should be a "work" group and not a "home" or "public" group. "Home" is only if all computers are Windows 7.

    1) Control Panel-network&sharing: under the bold name of your group is an underlined link someone took a pic of above: change it to "work" instead of "home" or "public".

    2) Control Panel-network&sharing-ChangeAdvancedSharing set all the obvious settings there.

    3) Control Panel-network&sharing-Firewall (I turned it off for now)

    4) Control Panel-network&sharing-SetupNewConnection (this function is not completing for me)

    Part 4: Have One Group Name. All machines have to be in the same group. To change the group name on XP or 7:
    Control Panel-system-advanced-computer name-change

    Part 5: Reboot all PCs. If letting the windows 7 Machines be the last ones to boot doesn't work, try letting the XP machines be last.

    Part 6: Last Ditch Effort. See if the PCs can at least see each other. On an XP or win7 PC, find its IP address. Click start menu-programs-accessories-command prompt-type "ipconfig" and hit enter. Write down the IP address. Go to the other XP or win7 PC and click start menu (then click "run" in XP) and type \[IP address you wrote down] and hit enter and you should see all shared folders on the other PC. With my linksys router, it's \ where "x" is a number from 1 to 5 identifying the various PCs in the house (assigned by the router starting with 1 in the order they are booted up).

    A) Ad Hoc Wireless Network Connection
    To connect successfully make sure the wireless hardware is enabled on both computers or laptops

    1)click Start and select Network. Now click on Network And Sharing Center
    2in the left sidebar, click Set Up A Connection Or Network. From the list select Set Up A Wireless Ad Hoc(Computer-To-Computer) Network option and click Next.
    3)Click Next again and it will ask you to type a Network name and select the Security settings
    4) in the Network And Sharing Center you can choose what to share
    5)To Share an Internet Connection, click View Status next to the connection that you want to share. Now click on Properties button which you will find under Activity
    6)Click on the Sharing tab and tick the checkbox where it says Allow Other Network Computers To Connect Through This Computer’s Internet Connection. Under Home Networking Connection select Wireless network Connection and click OK.
    7)Now your connection is ready to to shared. To enable the wireless network connection you just made, go to Start and click Connect To.
    8)You will see your wireless connection listed there. Select your connection and click Connect.
    9)You will see a success message as shown below.
    10)You will see your connection listed under Wireless Network Connection on the other computer. Simply connect from there and you are done sharing the internet connection

    B)creating a Local Area Network(LAN) connection between two computers
    1)First go and buy the straight patch Ethernet LAN cable(make sure that ‘patch’ or ‘crossover’ is written on the cord) and connect them to both computers.
    2)In Windows XP: Go to Network Connections Control Panel, right-click Local Area Network connection and select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click Properties.
    3)In Windows Vista: Go to Network and Sharing Center, select Manage Network Connections, right-click Local Area Network connection and select Properties. Now select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
    4)Now once you are inside the TCP/IP properties of your computer, click Use the following IP and enter your IP address (ex and as subnet mask. Leave the other details blank and click OK.
    5)Now go to TCP/IP properties of the second computer and enter the same details except the IP address, which should be and click OK
    6)restart both computers if needed
    7)If you are looking to share the Internet Connection between two computers, go to Local Area Network properties again and click on Sharing tab. Here you can select the enable internet connection sharing.
    8)To share files and folders between the two computers, go to the properties of that file/folder and select Sharing tab. Click Share to being sharing it on the network

    or instal Synergy