How can I create a live USB containing Ubuntu?

Diaz. October 24, 2011

Can I create a live USB (16GB) containing Ubuntu 11.10 and will it work fine?

The other day I tried to create a live USB (16gb) using a pen drive, but the performance was not smooth and/or fast. How can I overcome this issue? It would be cool if I can use 16GB USB seamlessly and without getting stuck. Please help.

  1. Jay
    October 25, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Do it from the official site :

    you will see the version 32/64 bit,

    2. select usb disk, select the os from you are installing and click on show me how.

    3. will show how to run ubuntu from USB

    4. contains the instructions about installing.

  2. Mjevolve
    October 25, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Unetbootin (  )
    Universal USB Installer (

    two tools for creating a Live USB . 
    grab your copy of the program , or download it with the help of these programs , 
    follow simple prompts and you are good to go .

    and by performance , if you are trying to run live programs via USB , 
    the performance will always be less than when they have been installed .
    but even then , the performance is not that bad at all .

    the live USB works like a charm and seamlessly .
    on a good system you would hardly notice a difference while doing regular tasks on the Live USB .

    how ever if you want more performance , 
    you can try installing / creating a Live USB on a pendrive which Supports USB 3.0 .

    USB 3.0 is faster than the coneventional USB 2.0 , 
    but only comes in new systems ...

    try and see ...