How can I correct information about my business on the iPod preloaded maps application?

Bob December 30, 2011

A client called today to tell me that the preloaded iPod maps application lists my business as “Permantly Closed” when he checked the iPod map application for address information. How can I have them quickly correct this error?

  1. Bob Keller
    December 31, 2011 at 11:41 pm

    Thanks for the info Chris...What really bothers me about this
    situation, is that the tag "This site is definitely Permanently Closed"
    was posted by an anonymous user at 12:30am and Google took this post,
    approved it and added it to my company's online Google/i-Phone maps e-mail or phone call to other follow-up...I feel
    like I have been phished by GOOGLE! 

    What recourse do I have?  This change was made in June and has cost my company lots of business...

                                             Thanks Bob