How can I connect my Samsung LED TV to an amplifier and watch movies via an external hard drive?

kipis August 14, 2011

How can I connect a Samsung LED TV to an amplifier without DVD player. TV is reading external hard drive and I want to watch movies through hard drive.

  1. Mixtrixx
    August 24, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Well, not sure if I can help out much based on the info you have left, but I presume you mean your looking to  hook up your sound directly to a PC or LaptopNetbook and view movies directly from an External USB Drive. And I imagine your looking to plug the External USB Drive directly into a Standalone DVD Player, rather then have the External USB Drive connected to a PC, with the sound coming out of your TV, or am I wrong?

    Either way, your going to need a scart Plug Adapter that has Red White & Yellow RCA Inputs, then you'll require a set of 3 wires that have  Red, White (AUDIO) & yellow (VIDEO) on one end, which plugs into the colour coded scart adapter, which goes into your scart socket on your TV. The other end on the cable should have a 3.5ml Jack Plug on the end, this is the same type of jack plug you find that fits most modern devices which take headphones. Then you plug that into the back of your PC, LaptopNetbook into the Audio Input on your Sound Card, where the other 3 leads connected to your TV will then act as the Audio Output Speakers. (That method is what I use, but I'm running my PC & Xbox 360 Video & Sound through both my Hifi & TV) So you'll probably find if your wanting to run directly into an amp, that you'll need just a set of Red & White RCA Plugs that go into the corresponding red and white inputs on back of the amp, and the other end which has the same red and white RCA Connections into a Scart Plug Adapter, which then goes to your TV. Now, this leaves you needing to send the Video (Yellow Cable) from your PC or DVD Standalone Player to your TV, which means you'll need to get a Single Yellow (S-Video) Cable that fits the back of your PC (Video Card) or Standalone DVD Player. Obviously like I say I cant really tell you much more then that until I knew whether or not you were looking to view movies on your TV using a External Hard Drive that would essentially be running off a PC or Laptop etc, but if you have a USB port which you can plug it into on the back of your DVD Player, then this should pretty much help you solve your problem. I've included a couple of pics below, which will show you the types of cables you'll need to do the job. You can get them for about £2 each (depending on which method your using) so it wont cost you a lot if you got both sets, just in case you decide to alter the way you run things).

    A big bonus (which i forgot to ask) is if your TV has a USB port on the back is that you could probably run the external hdd directly into your TV and then you could possibly run the sound through your amplifier using the cables and adapter in the pics I"ve uploaded