What do I need to connect two monitors to my computer?

lewis January 22, 2011

What do I need to connect two monitors to my computer?

    January 24, 2011 at 7:09 am

    I am sorry for intruding in a question you asked somebody else. You only have 1 integrated VGA port with your current configuration:

    1 x Display / video - VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)

    Either you need to install another card in the free slots available, which are the following:

    1 PCI Express x16,
    2 PCI ( 3.3 V/ 5 V ) doubt if you still can find recent video cards for PCI ports...

    or get a newer PCI-E card and install it in your PCI Express x16 port directly on the motherboard. If you get a new PCI-E card, it would be better if you disable your current video card in device manager. Newer cards for PCI-E ports have more than one video connector. The more common connectors in newer cards are: VGA and DVI, and even newer ones have HDMI.

    VGA is like the one you already have and only carries video,
    DVI Provides better definition and only carries video,
    HDMI is for HD and carries both video and audio.

    If your monitors are CRTs, they only provide the VGA connections. If you have flat screen monitors they have as a norm VGA connections and DVI connections. Some newer monitor also have HDMI but I think you do not want to buy new screens. Easy fix would be for you to get a PCI-E 16x video card and get the adaptors to convert DVI to VGA and HDMI to VGA or try to get a card for PCI-E with dual VGA ports. Hope it helps.

  2. Lewis
    January 23, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    Hi ,, ha14
    on the panel in back i only have one connection for the monitor , and two empty sockets , #1. has 2 rows of pins , 4 pins and second row has 5 pins , color blue ish
    #2. is a long rectangle socket with two rows of inserts , one is 12 inserts long and the second is 13 inserts long color reddish or purple ,
    to one of these sockets
    in the properties area of my nvidia Ge force 6150 SE nforce 430 mother board , i have a section to add the second monitor , but first need to connect the monitor to the computor , if these sockets will work
    a second video card with dual monitor sockets to access this double monitor capable system , i have windows xp pro on the computor , which has dual monitor capacity
    help eh
    would like to figure this out asap
    i have a second monitor , can i get a cable adapter ??? to fit the sockets i have and go from there connecting them up ??? , or is the second video card needed
    please advise

  3. Anonymous
    January 23, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    it requires that you add a second video card or to install a video card that can support a dual head or two separate physical outputs.

    ?1 monitor switch box or second video card

    Install the technology specific to your needs, and when you have finished the installation, reboot your computer. Then set the preferences for your new monitor in the 'Display' tab, in the 'Control Panel', or under 'System Preferences' if you are working with a Macintosh. But remember - you must use SVGA monitors.