How can I configure Thunderbird Biff for Firefox?

Linda September 16, 2010

I would like to make use of Thunderbird Biff, but have no idea how to configure the settings in the options. I did install it, but it always shows unplugged saying that there is no email pay direction set.

If I could get this info, I would appreciate it. Am using Firefox 3.6.9 and Thunderbird 3.1.2.


  1. Anonymous
    September 17, 2010 at 10:32 am

    HiWhile in Thunderbird, go to the Tools drop-down menu, select Addons, then use the Get extensions link to search for them (you need to search from inside Thunderbird). Save them to your computer (remember where!), then use the Install button to find them and install them. Then restart Thunderbird to start them working.irefox will automatically update itself and the extensions you use with the right settings.The most convenient way is to have Firefox check before it loads, so it can do the updates and then load (instead of doing it afterwards and then needing to be restarted).To have Firefox check and update before it loads:click on Tools on the toolbar at the topclick on Optionsclick on Advancedselect the Update tabcheck all three boxes under “Automatically check for updates to:”select the Automatically download and install and Warn meOne of the great things about Firefox is that many people can create extensions, which are specialized programs that add all sorts of useful features. Here are some favorites you might like to add.. Just go to the Extensions page ( and search. Once you find one you like, click the Install Now button (usually green), wait for the countdown, and then click on the Install Now button in the popup window.