How can I best compress a wedding video and keep HD quality?

Joni April 17, 2011

I created a movie of my daughter’s wedding using Windows Live Movie Maker. I saved it in HD quality to keep the crisp clean video intact. However, it is 10.6GB and I can’t find the best compression method that retains the HD size, but will fit on a dual layer 8.5GB DVD.

  1. Tim Brookes
    April 18, 2011 at 10:48 am

    I'd personally recommend using the H264 codec to compress your video. It's a popular compression solution for high quality video like yours, you can read all sorts of dry and techy details on the Wikipedia entry.

    You can use VLC to convert the video, and this is a free program that works on Windows (and the other big 2). Download VLC from, launch the program, click Media then Convert/Save. Add your videos using the Add button, click Convert/Save and define your destination file, choose H264 (customize if you wish) and hit Start.

    Hopefully the resulting file will be considerably smaller than your source video, though VLC has a number of different codecs which you can play around with till you find the right one.

    Good luck!

    April 17, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    Hello, what version of Windows Live Movie Maker are you using? If you are using version 2011, there is no option to set a maximum size to video. The previous versions of Windows Live Movie Maker were able to do that but not the most recent one. I would say the only way of accomplishing what you want using Window Live Movie Maker is using a custom profile that changes the bitrate setting.

    I know for a fact that Movie Maker version 2.6 has the options you need. I do not know if it is compatible with windows 7 but I do not know why it would not work because it works on Vista.

    To see how to create and save custom profiles on Windows Live Movie Maker visit the following link: