How can I combine recovered photos in iPhoto?

Roy Martin December 31, 2011

Need to combine photos in iPhoto. Need to combine what I have come up
with. I had some genius, from the Apple store help me to recover, what I had thought that I had lost.

  1. Anonymous
    December 31, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    maybe Select a photo in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Reveal in Finder ->
    Original. A Finder Window should open with the file selected

    If the alert message reappears every time you open iPhoto and you are not able to import the photos in question, look in the root level of the iPhoto Library folder for a folder named "Recovered Photos" or a folder named Import. Quit iPhoto, move this folder to your desktop, and then try opening iPhoto again

    maybe also create new blank library, and then use File->Import Library to import your new library