Why is the colored ink on my Lexmark 5650 highlighting everything that is printed?

null August 3, 2011

I just replaced the black ink and the colored ink. The colored ink is highlighting everything that the page prints. How do I fix this?

  1. Anonymous
    August 5, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    push the cartridge untill you hear the clicking noise
    The wrong cartridge is installed in the control program.
    Go to control
    program and select color or black, new or used, close out and try a test page
    1)disconnect cables
    2) uninstall driver
    3)reboot pc3)install driver
    4)Launch "Lexmark Solution Center" from the Start menu
    5)Click the "Maintenance" tab. Choose the option that says "Align to fix blurry edges." This will prompt your printer to print an alignment page.
    6)Click the "Maintenance" tab again. Choose "Clean to fix horizontal streaks." This will prompt your printer to print a page and at the same time clean the cartridge nozzle.