Can I click desktop icons through Aero Peek?

Peter June 26, 2010

Is it possible to click on desktop icons, like folders, using Aero Peek (Win + space)?

  1. Jordan Klassen
    March 2, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I made an autohotkey script to do exactly this.

  2. Daudet Hadz ?
    July 1, 2010 at 5:37 am

    Nop, you can't click or select any object on the desktop using Win + Space. And that's because it's just a preview of your desktop ,it's like an image of your desktop but not the desktop itself. If you want to change between the desktop and the aplicattion you were running you should use Win + D like Dan Hutten said. But the problem with this is if you open another aplication you now have the new aplication and the desktop with Win + D. In that case you should use Alt + Tab and click Tab to change between aplications.

  3. Dan Hutten
    June 29, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    When hovering over Aero Peek, you cannot click on icons on the desktop, since when you move your mouse over the desktop, all the application windows return.

    You can either click the Aero Peek button to minimize all applications to the taskbar, or hold the Windows Key and press 'D'

    • Pccchiang
      June 29, 2010 at 6:22 pm

      If you use the hotkey Win + space you can move the mouse.