Why can I never click on confirm eMail address links?

Michele Blood June 30, 2010
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I asked a question on May 18th. It was about a purchased video that I was trying to add to my Media Player 11. I received notice that my question was published and that was great. Now, I am unable to click on the verify email that I received to confirm my address.

Is there anybody out there that can help? I use AOL and I am never able to click on a link to verify my email address.

Moreover, I love the MakeUseOf website and really thrilled that my question was posted. Newbie that I am , I am still learning.


Michele Blood

  1. MargaretNKinney
    April 16, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Thankyou so much for the help!

  2. Anonymous
    July 2, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    AOL email causes all sorts of link issues. All you need to do is copy and paste the link into a browser like IE or FireFox.

    • Micheleblood360
      July 5, 2010 at 3:00 am

      You are very kind and I was wondering why I have no problem with links in hotmail, but have not had the same success with aol. I'll figure it out eventually, I am disabled, and if there is one thing I do have it is time.
      Thanks, Michele Blood

  3. Jessica Cam W.
    July 1, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Is Disqus giving you an error message or is AOL Mail the one that can't load the webpage for you to confirm your email? If Disqus gives you an error message, you can try logging into Disqus and then click on an option to re-send the confirmation email.

    I've had this problem where I'd click on the link to confirm my email and Disqus would show me a message about reaching its site with an invalid verification link. I had to sign in to Disqus from Makeuseof.com/Answers and then hit 'Subscribe by email' for it to work.

    • Micheleblood360
      July 5, 2010 at 2:55 am

      I thank you for taking the time Jessica and it is definitely not Disqus that is the problem. I am just not an expert on pasting and sending links. So I truly thank you , I thought that I did everything right. Guess Not
      Regards, Michele, the problem child who asked the question... thanks again