How do I change the default theme footer in WordPress?

Jacck.peterson April 20, 2014
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Guys, could anyone help me with changing default theme footer in WordPress?

The thing is that I almost broke all my efforts due to this problem. I need to change the footer with admin info, there’s no proper plugin for that. I tried to google the issue and inserted some piece of code into functions.php file, but it almost destroyed my site and I could not even use admin panel.

I removed the inserted piece of code and everything started working fortunately, but my main issue is not solved yet.

Could anyone please suggest me some plugin or maybe any other solution? Thanks.

  1. Ryan D
    April 23, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Are you able to edit footer.php and tweak the existing footer in whatever way you like, or does it call some other layout file? Different themes handle the footer differently - often it's all found in footer.php. Other times you'll find it called in a bottom.php file in the /layouts folder. Or it could be some other structure - it all depends on the theme you're using. Can you provide the name of the theme and how the footer.php file is laid out?