How can I best capture 3 video streams using IP webcams and create a synchronized video with various viewing angles in Windows XP?

Joe Videtto December 28, 2011
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I would like to make as professional a ‘how to’ video I can with minimal budget. I already have a PC with Windows XP software, and would like to simultaneously capture 3 video streams from different angles, as I record this ‘how to’ video. I will manually position each camera for a different angle, and leave it there for the entire shoot.

After that, I’d like to choose which camera captured the most useful shot at any given time, and merge that at the appropriate point.

I’ve used one wired Logitech webcam to capture one camera angle. How much harder would it be to wirelessly capture 3 video streams at the same time and synchronize the edits from one of the 3 camera angles onto the final video?

In particular, I’m wondering:
1.) what particular IP web cameras would be recommended for this task
2.) how to figure out if my PC is powerful enough based on the hardware/software specs
3.) how would I collect video from 3 webcam sources at the same time ?
4.) what software I would use to easily synchronize shots from all 3 videos ?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,
Joe V.

  1. James Bruce
    December 28, 2011 at 10:34 am

    This package from Adobe will do as you wish, and can record from up to 3 webcam video streams at once. It costs $399 though, and there is no free alternative.

    You can download a free trial of that to see if it will run on your underpowered PC. I wouldn't think so, but I've never used it before, so I might be wrong. 

    As for cameras, whatever you choose will be low quality. Webcams are simply not on the same level as professional recording devices, but I guess you understand that already. In addition, they'll probably need to run at low resolution on your hardware specs to avoid stuttering. 

    Anyway, your best shot is download that adobe software and give it a go, then report back so we can advise better. Sorry I cant be of more help - thats quite a niche thing youre trying to pull off there i think, not something may of us will have had experience with.