Why can’t I reset my Facebook password?

Anonymous January 8, 2014
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When I try to log into my Facebook account, I cannot remember my password, so I choose “Forgot password”. On the next window it asks “How would you like to reset your password?” but nothing appears below that! I can not continue ahead, because nothing has been chosen.

So then I’ve tried the link “I no longer have access to these” which takes me to a page where I have an option of adding a current email address. I have a Gmail account currently, so I chose that, and it goes to a “Problems” page.

The weird thing about all of this is that I am logged in to my Facebook on my smartphone, which stays logged in all the time. When I go to account settings and look for the email address that I’ve used, it shows my Gmail, however when you click on it, to either add an additional email, or to remove the current email, it changes from my gmail and shows a Facebook email address.

All I want is my password reset and sent to the Gmail account I have access to. How can I do this?!

  1. Junil M
    January 8, 2014 at 5:34 am

    Have you tried clearing your browser cookies and trying it? Sometimes when we open a page, the information gets saved in the cookies even if the page does not display all the information. you can also try using a different browser as well but if you want to stick to your current browser (which seems to be chrome), then just go to 'settings' then click on 'Show advanced settings' link; then in the privacy section, click on the 'Clear Browsing Data'. Remember it can also delete your saved passwords.

  2. Ashok T
    January 8, 2014 at 5:07 am

    Click on forgot password link and i have checked its working