Why can’t I post in the Facebook app after changing my email?

Suzana October 17, 2014
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Hi all!

I’ve changed the primary address in Facebook and deleted the previous one. I then logged in on the Facebook app on an iPhone 4, which worked. But the problem is that every time I try to post something, a window pops up asking for password – using the old email address.

I’ve tried putting the password in, but it says “username or password is invalid” (or something like that). I’ve tried to simply cancel it but neither works.

Do I need to re-install the app?

I went to phone settings (not Facebook) but didn’t see the option to change the username (email address) there.

Any simple solution?

The problem is in posting, browsing works.

Thank you for your help!


  1. ha14
    October 21, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    see if this will help
    1. Delete the Facebook application
    2. Go to Settings->Facebook and then delete the account
    3. Reboot your iphone
    4. Re-install the Facebook app
    5.login vis the facebook application if not given the choice go to settings-facebook