Why can’t I connecto to PCs using GoToAssis 2.1 once the machines have been rebooted?

Ragu P September 15, 2014
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I am using GoToAssist 2.1 Build 715. When I start a remote session with my users, after doing a manual reboot of their machine (not using the option for reboot within the GoToAssist console), I cannot reconnect to their machine using GoToAssist on any future occasion.

Their PCs have been restarted numerous times but whenever I engage them in the session, directing them to the URL and providing the support key, the page tells tehm they are connected but I see nothing on my end. They are not listed under the unattended machines list. There is no consensus box near the taskbar for them to agree to or anything like that. I’ve seen the same behaviour on two PC’s now. How can I address this?