Can you help solve the issues Mac Automator is having with InDesign CS2 and FileMaker Pro?

Chelsey D July 19, 2013
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Im using my Mac’s Automator to insert text and pictures into a CS2 InDesign file with script labels. The pics are being pulled from FileMaker Pro by a field identifier (UPC or product code). Can anyone help me with the following issues?

  1. The automation works for UPCs of an exact match, but not for ones found within another UPC. ex; 447 is the item to be placed, but it is placing 444760.
  2. Adobe InDesign CS2 got an error: User canceled (-2700) error occurred in Publishing to InDesign Picture Frames
  3. Adobe InDesign CS2 got an error: Can’t set color value of rectangle id 45195 of page id 161 of spread id 156 of document. “Testing.indd” to 255, 255, 255 (my document consists of one page).

I hope this make sense to someone. Please help.

Thanks a bunch,

  1. Susendeep D
    July 19, 2013 at 10:19 am

    I searched for the errors mentioned by you but couldn't find anyone.

    I think you can try to perform the steps once again as mentioned in the workflow article below which remains same in all scenarios -

    Example Workflow: Automated Database Publishing