Can you help me root and install software on my Nook Simple Touch?

Anonymous October 29, 2013
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My question refers to this article: Hack Your Nook Simple Touch Into a Super E-Reader in Three Easy Steps Hack Your Nook Simple Touch Into a Super E-Reader in Three Easy Steps A hack can turn a rooted Nook into a full-fledged, game-playing tablet. Read More .

As the articles you said there are numerous posts on rooting and hacking the Nook Simple Touch but it is very confusing out there to find out which one I must be following to achieve the best possible stable hack.

However, you have mentioned about enabling fast refresh and pinch to zoom features in your opening paragraph. Now, I am rooted one more (previously just used Nook Manager to root but didn’t do anything about the kernel) after getting tempted to get the pinch to zoom as that is my main want to manage image-based PDFs and magazine PDFs.

After following your easy step-by-step now I am here with a rooted nook functioning as expected, I can notice fast refresh but I am missing the pinch to zoom – is this feature hidden somewhere in the setting that I need to go and enable it? Please help.

Opera Mobile says ‘it is not installed’ after a while of displaying the progress bar neither Naked Browser for some reason do not open after installing. I don’t want to anyway use my Nook for any sort of extreme test as I already own a tablet, I am mainly looking to perfect my reading features and apps to make it a complete all round device for reading.

Thanks once again!


  1. Kannon Y
    October 29, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Hello Sany, I responded to your last message, but other users may find this question by searching Google. The multitouch issue should be resolvable by flashing a modified image. I have cut and paste my response here:

    This is where they discuss multitouch not working at XDA:

    One user managed to fix the issue by hacking together a CWM-flashable version of the 176 kernel:

    This particular version includes a lot of fixes, but I didn't include it out of fear it may cause more problems than it solves. And I did not recognize the developer who assembled it.

    Anyway, to test it out, I went ahead and dirty flashed the CWM script over my current installation and it works perfectly. I made sure to wipe caches before installing it.

    Another issue that the Nook has is with the infrared touchscreen technology. While it's very rugged and durable, it's also prone to getting jammed by dust and other things that collect on the screen. I would try using a very light fabric or cloth (microfiber perhaps) and cleaning the edges of the screen. My multitouch temporarily went out on me before due to screen dust.

    What's strange is that we have identical Nooks - both are 1.2.1 and we both performed clean installations. It should have been perfect. The only thing that I did differently is that I wiped my caches after installing the modified kernel... but the developers designed the CWM flashable image to automatically do this.